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Faculty course material requests

A step-by-step guide

The Campus Store uses Verba Collect to receive and approve all course material requests. This guide provides instruction on the course material submission process through the Verba Collect platform, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Semester: Winter 2023

Verba Collect opens: October 3, 2022 at 9:30am

Order PriorityMaterial Request Submitted to Verba and ReviewedCampus Store Material Ordered On or Before
Priority 1October 3 - October 28November 18
Priority 2October 29 - November 18December 2
Priority 3November 19 - December 2December 9

The Priority 1 submission deadline is October 28, 2022. All Priority 1 approved items will be ordered by November 18, 2022. This is the best way to guarantee materials are available for your students on the first day of classes.

Submission TypeDeadline to Submit
Course Pack FormOctober 28
Course MaterialDecember 2

Any orders received by the end date of a Request Period will be ordered by or on the order date for that period. To ensure a request is ordered by a specific date, it must be in a Reviewed status by that Request Period’s end date. Requests that are changed or added after the end date for a period will be ordered on the following Order Date.

No submissions or changes to existing submissions will be accepted after the Deadline for Submissions.

ISBN: International Standard Book Number – used for identifying the exact book, editon, and supplemental learning material

LMS: Learning Management System – a digital learning environment that is available with some materials. This includes:

  • WileyPlus
  • McGraw Connect
  • Pearson MyLab
  • Pearson Revel
  • Cengage MindTap

OER: Open Educational Resources are learning, teaching and research materials that are under copyright.

Log in to Verba: https://mtroyal.verbacollect.com/session/new

Submitters will receive an email when they are assigned a section. The email will contain instructions on how to create an account and log in.

Department Reviewers

  • Assigns designated Submitters to courses within their responsible departments.
  • Reviews all course material requests that have been submitted.

Section Submitters

  • Identify correct material requirements.
    • Correct ISBN and textbook edition
    • Determine if LMS (learning management system) supplemental material will be needed
  • Submit course material requests for assigned courses.

Course Materials Team

  • Process and approve course material requests that have been verified by the Department Reviewers.

This is a quick overview of the course material request process. Further details are available in subsequent sections.

  1. Verba Collect opens submissions for the semester.
  2. Department Reviewers assign courses & sections to Section Submitters.
  3. Section Submitters enter material requests.
  • One or more materials must be submitted for each course & section they are assigned to.
  • If no materials are required, Submitters will submit “No Course Materials Required”.
  1. Department Reviewers will review the requested materials.
  • Department Reviewers must verify the correct ISBN and supplemental materials are requested.

    * Failure to do this will result in procurement delays or students purchasing incorrect materials.

  • If no Submitter is assigned, the Department Reviewer is responsible for submitting requests.
  1. Course Materials team begins sourcing submissions in the reviewed status. Course materials team may contact you through Verba if:
  • Unable to source the item.
  • Item is out of print or going to a new edition.
  • Item is not available in the requested format (digital/hardcopy).
  • Item request does not match LMS supplemental options of the book.
  • Material sourcing results in very high retail cost to student.
  1. Submitters and Reviewers will review comments from Course Materials team and update their requests/provide comments accordingly.
  2. Course Materials team will update the status to “Approved” once the materials have been sourced.

Section Submitters are required to complete the course material requests for all sections they are assigned to. The responsibilities include:

  • Material requests (textbooks, supplies, or OER materials)
  • Indicating a section has no text or material requirement
  • Indicating a section is no longer offered

Follow these steps to complete a course material request:

  1. Log in to Verba Collect.
  2. Select the course you are requesting materials for.
  • In the panel on the left of the screen, select individual sections, multiple sections, or use “Select all”.
  1. Select one of the three available options:
  • Yes, I need to add books, OER materials, or supplies. (If the section has materials, either optional or required)
  • No, I do not need to add books, OER materials, or supplies. (If the section requires no text, materials or supplies) - Skip to Step 6.
  • No, this section is not offered. (If the section is no longer being offered) - Skip to Step 6.
  1. To request materials, your options are to:
  • Copy Another Adoption - to add materials that have been used in a previous semester. Use the filters to select the Semester, Course, and Section to find those materials, and the “Quick Add to List” button to select the materials.

    * Note: you are responsible for ensuring the previous request is still the valid and correct material for the course.

  • Add New Materials - to search for materials to add to your request. Search by ISBN, Author or Title and select the material with the “Quick Add to List” button.

    * Note: you are responsible for ensuring the correct ISBN is provided.

  • Add Materials Manually - to select the materials you want to add and fill in the details manually. If you require Course packs or supplies that do not have ISBNs, select this option and provide as much information as possible.
  1. For each material added, answer the additional questions:
  • Select if material is required or optional.
  • Publisher LMS is required: yes or no. If unsure, please work with your publisher rep. Incorrect selections will cause delays in procuring your course materials.
  • Offer prior editions as supplementary option: yes or no. If yes, the Course Material team will also provide prior editions as an economical option to your students, as quantities allow (if any).
  1. Provide course & section details:
  • Enter the estimated enrollment for your section.
  • Enter a new instructor (if necessary).
  • Add any additional notes about this request.
  1. Adoption status is changed to Submitted. The Department Reviewer will complete remaining steps.

Once a request for course materials has been completed, the Department Reviewer is responsible for reviewing submissions.

  1. Department Reviewer will determine if submission is complete.
  2. Incomplete or inaccurate submissions will be communicated with Submitter until all issues are resolved.
  3. Submission is confirmed complete and accurate, Department Reviewer changes adoption status to Reviewed.

Course Packs must be submitted to the Campus Store every semester, regardless of whether or not they have been used in a previous semester. Course Packs must be submitted by the deadline or they will not be accepted.


Step 1: Complete a material request through Verba Collect for the Course pack.

Step 2: Submit below documents to the Campus Store. Email all completed files to coursematerial@mtroyal.ca.

A. New course packs, or new versions of a previously used course pack

The Course Materials team requires:

B. Previously used and approved course packs

If the requested course pack has been submitted and approved this academic year, and there have been no changes to the content, the following forms must be submitted:

The Course Materials team will forward the request to the copyright advisor for review and approval. These reviews are completed in the order they are received and can take up to 6-8 weeks.

Note: You may be contacted if there are issues with the submitted material. It is your responsibility to respond in a timely manner in order to prevent any delays in the delivery of the course pack.

  1. Once copyright approvals have been granted, Document Services will create a proof copy.
  2. The instructor will be contacted to approve the proof. A signature from the instructor is required for approval. Only the course instructor can sign off on the proof.
  3. The proof course pack is the instructor’s copy; any additional copies must be paid for by P-Card.
  4. The Campus Store will procure student copy course packs. These will be made available for sale online and in-store once printing is completed.

Verba Collect has a number of video resources available. These can be accessed by clicking on the “Help” link at the top toolbar in Verba Collect.